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Privacy Policy


It is our intent to keep your personal and financial information in the strictest confidence. We will only share contact and delivery information with our partners or vendors when it it is necessary to fulfill your request for information or order. and Information Collection

Our website(s) collect only the information necessary to process and collect payment for the order. We collect sufficient information to obtain payment authorization and funds from the buyers credit card company, to communicate via email and to arrange for delivery to the designated recipient. We may require phone numbers for both purchaser and recipient to insure that we can resolve delivery issues in a timely manner. and the Law

Except for cases in which we are working with authorities to investigate and prosecute fraudulent orders or a website security breach, we NEVER turn over our customer information to any legal or financial authority. If there is an inquiry about your account from any entity, we will disclose this fact to you within 30 days of the inquiry unless a valid court order is produced. If we are asked by the court to provide information, we will inform you of the action that we took and the information that was provided, if any, about your account.

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